gumbypp's iPhone resource page

The iPhone is revolutionary. A "game-changer". The killer-app. Whatever. All I know is that it's a fun (and complex) platform to work with.

No developer will get by without using the iPhone official developer site and device portal. Depending on when you read this, not long ago or a long time ago I taught a simple iPhone for Dummies class to some friends using this presentation.

Here's some useful links for developers:



First, you need to send me your device ID, a 40 character hex string that looks like "49ef653f59f8e107f1c9bd6beebdd1eaab166416". You can get it from iTunes by clicking on the "Serial Number" label in the device's "Summary" tab. Then copy it using CMD-C (or CTRL-C on Windows - I haven't verified this part). After I update the provisioning file, continue with the installation instructions below.

Installation instructions

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