gumbypp's Router iPhone App

Router is a simple app that records where you go using the device's GPS. Multiple routes are stored on your phone and can be viewed locally on a map or emailed in KML format to a friend for viewing with Google Earth. It supports both imperial and metric measurements. A cute biking animation shows if you're actually moving and ascending or descending.

Why did I write this? Yes, I know that there's other GPS apps out there. But then again, there's lots of room in the store, and this was a good exercise (and forced me to get exercise to test it!). Plus, it's really simple - anyone else remember the KISS rule? And yes, I know that most people think that a router is one of those metal boxes that directs network traffic around the internet. But in Canadian, it's pronounced rooter and means "a device used for recording your route (pronounced root) when you're out (pronounced oot) and about (pronounced aboot), for example while foraging for fruits and berries."


Some screenshots from my iPhone:

Google Earth

A route displayed in Google Earth:

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